2019 Volunteer Applications Are Open!

Applications close May 24th.

Volunteer Applications | CampFire Retreat | Flow Arts Institute | MN

CampFire is a community organized event and its success depends on your volunteer participation. The organizers are working hard to make this retreat very special by bringing you more workshops, play areas, and amazing instructors, vendors, musicians, and DJs.  In order to keep the ticket cost down, the CampFire team needs your help and asks that you sign up for a minimum of two volunteer shifts.

Why volunteer?

-Volunteering helps keep CampFire cost effective for everyone.
-It makes you an integral part of the CampFire community and is a bonding experience with your fire friends.
-You can make new friends and be inspired by the creativity that surrounds you.
-It’s fun and it feels good to help out!
-Volunteers working three or more shifts are eligible to attend the volunteer party happening Sunday evening – more details to come.
-Volunteers can qualify for a reduced price ticket for working three or more shifts

Please sign up for two volunteer shifts when you purchase your ticket.  You are a part of making the CampFire magic happen! Apply today.